Best Coffee Kawana

Looking for the BEST COFFEE in Kawana? These are HONEST, objective REVIEWS of the coffees I’ve had here and where you can find the best!

#1 Rafters (Kawana Shoppingworld, Kawana)
Rating: 3.5/5
Nice froth, tasty cocoa on top & all-around good coffee which only loses a few points for milkiness.

#2 The Coffee Club (Kawana Shoppingworld, Kawana)
Rating: 3/5
Nice, smooth and enjoyable. Could have scored higher if froth was better and it was less milky.

#3 Jamaica Blue (Kawana Shoppingworld, Kawana)
Rating: 3/5
Another nice smooth coffee that hits the spot but leaves you wanting just a bit more kick in the coffee department. Still a very notable mention though and worth repeating.

#4 Oliver Brown (Kawana Shoppingworld, Kawana)
Rating: 3/5
Milky, not much of a coffee taste but it’s drinkable and has its moments.

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